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2022Reflection of inhomogeneous waves in a monoclinic magneto-thermoelastic rotating material
C. Zorammuana, & J. Lalvohbika
MathematicsMechanics of Advanced Materials and StructuresViewScopus & SCIE (Web of Science)
2022The present day physico chemical assessment of potable water from Hnahthial town in Mizoram, India
 Teresa Lalrinengi, Sathing Sangchungnunga & Malsawmtluanga
GeologyIndian Journal of Natural Sciences
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2022Theoretical Analysis of Different C8H14 Isomers from their stability : DFT Level of Study
 Dr Joseph Lianbuanga*, Zodinpuia Pachuau
ChemistryNeuro Quantology
2022Magnetic and rotational effects on the reflection of inhomogeneous waves in a fiber-reinforced thermoelastic material 
C. Zorammuana*, & S.S. Singh 
MathematicsMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
ViewScopus & SCIE (Web of Science)
 2022The physico-chemical and hydro chemical properties of potable water from Kolasib district, Mizoram, India  
Malsawmtluanga*, John Blick*, Rebecca Laduhawmi, Joney Lalnunpuii Pachuau and Malsawmtluangi
GeologyIndian Journal of Natural Sciences
View full issueWeb of Science (ESCI)
2021Effect of magnetic field on the reflection/transmission of inhomogeneous waves in fiber-reinforced thermoelastic solids

C. Zorammuana*, & S.S. Singh 
MathematicsWaves in Random and Complex Media
2021Failure Mechanism of Rangvamual landslide, Aizawl, Mizoram, India
Verma, R., Rao, Ch, U.B., Blick*, J., Gaopatwe, Maipelo. and Malsawmtluanga*
GeologyDisaster Advances
2021Physico-Chemical analysis of selected potable water in parts of Mamit district, Mizoram
B. Ramngaihawma* , Shiva Kumar, V.K Bharti , Malsawmtluanga* and John Blick GeologyScience and Technology Journal
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2021Flood hazard zonation of upper Kolodyne using GIS and multi criteria decision analysis in Mizoram, India
Vabeihmo Ch., Malsawmtluanga*., Blick*, J., Sangchungnunga Sathing* and Zodinthara Francis GeologyDisaster Advances
2019Theoretical Study of the Interconversions of Selected Isomers from C8H13+ System: A DFT level of Study
Joseph Lianbuanga*, Zodinpuia Pachuau
ChemistryOriental Journal of Chemistry
ViewWeb of Science (ESCI)
2019Determination of adsorption behaviour of selected rock samples for Cu2+, MnO-4 and Cr2O72- from their aqueous solution by UV-VIS spectrophotometer
Lijumon Lalremsanga, C.Kapchhunga, Joseph Lianbuanga*, Dr C.Laldawngliana
ChemistryInternational Journal of Research culture Society
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2019Comparative study of aromatic electrophilic substitution reaction at meta and ortho position in toluene
Lijumon Lalremsanga, Joseph Lianbuanga*
ChemistryInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology