Lunglei Government College hasits own set of appropriateprocedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, Computers, classrooms etc.

Laboratory: The College has 7 laboratories for Science department and one Language Lab to cater active speaking-based learning environment among students. The laboratory apparatus, equipment, and other necessary physical and chemicals are purchased by the office of the principal and RUSA as per the requirements of the concerneddepartments of this college. The college has one Lab Assistant and Lab Bearerwho are responsible to maintain and upgrade the laboratory with necessary tools and equipment. 

Library: The College Library is fully automated through (SOUL 2.0 Software). College has a Library Committee to look after administration and implementation. The Library Committee has been given the responsibility to plan, organize, and manage library services and resources. The list of requirement books is taken from the concerned departments. The finalized list of required books is duly approved by the principaland RUSA Committee.

Sport Facilities: Sports Committee and Students’ Union Sport Secretary bearthe responsibilities of the maintenances of the sport facilities.The necessary goods and sports articles are purchased bythe office of the principal and purchase committee as per the recommendations of the sport secretary and the advisor ofthe Student Union of the college.Due to limited space as well as located in a hilly terrain, the collegeonly has one basketball court within the campus. The College authority signed a memorandum of understanding(MOU) with the Deputy Commissioner, Lunglei that the College will have the right to use the LungleiDistrict Sport Committee (LDSC) Ground No.1 free of cost if and when needed for college activities.

           Student’s Union organizes various indoor and outdoor sports competitions for students at the institution level. The College also used to take part in sport competitions at state level or University level.

Class rooms: Allocations of Class rooms are based on the number of students in each semester. The college has a building committee to take up the work of maintenance of the class rooms. The IT Promotion cell is responsible for maintenance of ICT facilities in the class rooms. ICT facilities for the development of classrooms are generally purchased through RUSA funding. Classrooms are equipped with smart boards, microphone systems,speakers and projectors for effective teaching and learning. Cleanliness of the class rooms are ensured on daily basis by Cleanliness & Sanitation Committee. Faculty members also monitor the cleanliness and ensure that the cleanliness is maintained by students in the class rooms.

Computers: The College has a good number of computers for academic and administrative work. Each Department is provided computer and projector for their requirements. Internet and WIFI are available at the campus for office Staffs, Faculty members and Students’ Union.In case of major technical issues of maintenance, dealers are hired for maintenance of computer facilities.

Drinking Water: Pure drinking water facility is made available by installing water coolers in some specific locations inside the college campus that provides pure drinking water need to all the Students, Staffs, supporting Staff and the Visitors.Lunglei Government College has a Rainwater Harvesting system with water reservoir of 60000 liters at the College campus since 25.5.2016.

Canteen: The College also offers canteen facility. The functioning of the canteenincluding selection of canteen vendor is monitored by the Canteen Committee constituted by faculty members of college.