Every year, Lunglei Govt College organizes a blood donation drive in collaboration with local hospitals and blood banks. The event is widely publicized and attracts a large number of students, faculty, and staff members, as well as members of the local community.

The college has a well-established system in place to ensure that the blood donation process is safe and efficient. Before the event, potential donors are screened for eligibility, and on the day of the event, trained medical professionals are present to handle the donation process and monitor the donors.

Over the years, the colleges blood donation drive has become a highly anticipated event in the community, with many individuals returning year after year to donate blood and help save lives. The donations collected are used to help patients in need, including those undergoing surgeries, receiving cancer treatments, and recovering from accidents.

Overall, Lunglei Govt Colleges annual blood donation drive is a shining example of how a college can make a positive impact in its community by organizing events that bring people together to help those in need.