History Club, Government Lunglei College was established on 21.2.2020. 

Motto:  Knowing the Past to Understand the Present and Plan for the Future.


The aims and objectives: 


  • To understand activities of people and societies in the past as well as in the present through historical studies. 
  • To help students understand and interpret current events through the lens of historical studies.
  • Conducting awareness activities relating to learning, practices, conducting historical researches, visiting historical site, organizing seminar and disseminations of historical knowledge.
  • To help students understand society, share common vision and platform, and promote historical studies. 


The History Club will be part of the Department of History, Lunglei Government College and will be seeking to integrate students and researchers into awareness and understanding of historical issues. The history club believes that study of history teaches many ways to think critically about the past, present and future of the world.


Membership: The membership of the History Club will be composed of History core students, Government Lunglei College and is open to students and faculty members from other disciplines in the college.